Hydraulic solutions & products

Hydraulic and electronic control systems from a single source


We are experts in developing and customizing hydraulic solutions. We are focussed on

  • The distribution of high quality hydraulic components (please see supplier list),
  • The customizations of hydraulic aggregates and
  • Development and manufacturing of individual system solutions for any part of the hydraulic and electronic industry

We provide in-house expertise on

  • Project design and project managing
  • Manufacturing and set up
  • Bringing into service
  • Maintenance and repair of hydraulic, electric and servo-hydraulic plants and components.

Using their unrivalled technical expertise our experts will also support you with a comprehensive consultation - from the very beginning of your project to the final product release of your hydraulic application.
You will find a choice of project examples of individual system solutions in our authoritative list.

LUVRA team from Nuremberg

Corporate History

It's likely you know us by one of these company names.

>> Infos about LUVRA tradition

Lukas Hydraulik GmbH

FAG Kugelfischer Schäffler (since 2001)

Mebo GmbH

Ardie Werk GmbH Hydronorma Group

Frieseke und Höpfner